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Installing Aptify LMS

The Learning Management System (LMS) application is an add-on module for Aptify. Therefore, it is not included in the standard Aptify system and must be installed separately. The Aptify LMS installation program adds new components to the Aptify database, adds two applications to the e-Business web server, and updates several e-Business user controls. While the Aptify LMS installation program can be run many times (for example, if you need to reinstall the Web components on a web server), you can only install the server components to the Aptify database once.

If you are installing Aptify LMS in an environment with a DMZ, contact Aptify to discuss implementation considerations before proceeding.


This section includes the following topics:


This topic is for new installations. If you are upgrading an existing installation from Aptify LMS 5.0 to LMS 5.5.1, see Updating Aptify LMS.

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