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Working with Pivot Table Views in the Desktop Client

This topic provides information about related topics in Aptify's Viewing System documentation that describe the features common to all view types in Aptify. See the following topics for more information:

  • See Editing a View for information on how to edit an existing pivot table's properties.
  • See Copying a View for information on how to copy a pivot table.
  • See Printing a View section for information on how to print a pivot table.
    • Aptify only prints the selected area of a pivot table. So, if you only have one cell selected, only that cell is printed. To select an entire pivot table, click the pivot table's heading (below the pivot table toolbar).
    • Note that Aptify exports the selected area of a pivot table to Microsoft Excel for printing purposes.
  • See Opening Multiple Views for information on how to open a pivot table in a new window.
  • See Opening Shared Folders and Views for information on creating folders for your views and sharing them with other users.
  • See Sorting Views and View Folders in a Service for information on creating and loading view templates.

In addition, each pivot table has a view toolbar across the top of the pivot table window. From left to right, the buttons are as follows:

Pivot Table Toolbar

  • View Properties: Open the view's Properties dialog.
  • Refresh: Click this button to manually refresh the view's contents.

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