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Configuring Full Text Indexes Filters

Once a full text index has been configured, an administrator defines which services can utilize the full text indexes, which related fields to include and which fields to search within the index. For example, if an index has been created for the Addresses entity for address lines, an administrator could add a filter to the Persons entity so that users could full text search addresses within this entity. An administrator could further refine the search filter by only allowing the full text search to be performed on business addresses and address line 1.

  1. Open or create a view within the Entities service.
  2. Double-click the entity you want to configure.
  3. Select the Configurations tab.
  4. Select the Full Text Index Filters sub-tab.
  5. Click the New icon to create a new Full Text Index Filters record.
  6. Select the index from the Full Text Index Filter drop-down list.
  7. Enter a Display Name.
    • This is the name that is displayed when using the Find dialog or filtering a view for the particular entity.
    • If you have more than one filter for a particular entity, the display name for each filter must be unique.
  8. Enter a culture string to use as the display name of the index filter in the Display Name Culture String field if you want to localize this filter.
  9. Select the Description tab and enter a description for the search as desired.
    • This is the description that is displayed in the Description field when using the Find dialog or filtering a view for this entity.
  10. Select the Related Entity Fields tab.
  11. Enter the list of related entity fields in which you want to be able to search, separated by commas.
    • For example, addresses are shared between multiple services in Aptify through the Addresses entity. In the Persons entity, AddressID, BillingAddressID and HomeAddressID fields are used to link Persons records to their business, billing and home addresses. Adding these related entity fields to this tab as shown below allows user to perform full text searches on these types of addresses.

      New Full Text Index Filters Record 
  12. Go to the Search Fields tab.
  13. Enter the list of fields that you want users to be able to search within the index separated by commas.
    • For example, if you have created an index for the Addresses entity that indexes the address line fields (Line1, Line2, and Line3). You could limit searches to the first and second address lines only as shown below.
    • The default value is an asterisk *; which indicates all fields including in the index will be searched.

      Adding Search Fields to the Full Text Index Filters Record 
  14. Click OK to close the record.
  15. Add additional full text index filters as desired following the Steps 4 through 14 above.
    • Alternatively, you can click the OK and New to save the record and open a new Fields record in one step.
  16. Save and close the entity.

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