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Configuring Full Text Searches in Aptify

Utilizing Microsoft's SQL Server®  full text query functionality, full text searches provide fast and flexible indexing for keyword queries of character-based data stored in the Aptify database. With this functionality, users can search for records that contain particular words and phrases or multiple forms of a word or phrase. Users can also use the full text search functionality to create powerful filter statements for views. These full text queries can even perform linguistic searches based on rules for a particular language.

In Aptify, full text searches utilize indexes to store information about keywords and their location within the database, specifically a given column within an entity. Full text indexing allows character-based data to be pre-processed for rapid searching at a later time. Indexes are logically grouped into catalogs and filters are added to entities within Aptify so that users can use the configured indexes to perform full text searches on particular services within Aptify. Before users can perform full text searches, an administrator must create and configure these items.

Follow the steps in the following sub-topics toconfigure full text searching within Aptify.

Full text search is an optional component of SQL server that can be included during the install of SQL server or after installation by using the SQL installation software. See Microsoft SQL Server Books Online for more information on installing and enabling full text indexing for the Aptify instance.

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