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Creating List Types

Before you can create a list of records in a particular service, there must already be a List Type configured for that service. List Types helps you categorize lists.

Your system administrator may have already created List Types for you. If not, follow these steps to create a new List Type:

  1. Open a new record from the List Types service.
    • By default, the List Types service is in the Aptify Framework Administration application. If you do not have access to this application, ask your system administrator to add the List Types service to another application for you.
    • Alternatively, using the Aptify Desktop client, you can create a new list type from the Aptify List Selection Dialog. See Adding Records in Bulk from a View or Adding Records Individually from a Service Form for information on how to launch this dialog.

      Aptify List Selection Dialog Create New List Type Option
  2. Enter a Name for the List Type.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Specify the service to which this List Type applies in the Entity link box.
    • For example, if you want this list type to correspond to lists that contain database objects, you would set this field to the Database Objects service.
  5. Save and Close the List Types record.

    List Type Record 

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