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Creating Lists

Users can create lists that contain one or more records within a particular service. Unlike views, which are dynamically populated by a set of rules, lists are only populated with records that have been intentionally added to them. The record set displayed in a list never changes unless records are specifically added or deleted.

However, while lists contain a static set of records, the data contained within those records is not static. For instance, the contact information for people in a list might change over time. When that list is viewed at a future date, the same people are displayed, but their contact information is current.

In addition, you may create views based on lists. This gives you access to all of the features of the viewing system using the specific records you've added to the list. See Creating a View From a List for more information.

Also, note that Aptify can automatically generate lists that serve as an audit trail when you run a report or send a bulk message. System-generated reports have the Security field set to System in a Lists record.

This section covers the following topics related to lists:

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