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Compiling a Process Flow

Follow these steps to compile a process flow:

  1. Open a Process Flows record and select the Details tab.
    • By default, when a Process Flows record is created, the Compile Mode is set to Interpreted, and the Compile Status is set to Incomplete.

      Process Flow Compile Mode

  2. Change the Compile Mode to Compiled and save the record.
    • This starts the Compile process.
    • The system compiles the process flow into a .NET assembly and stores the object on the client computer in the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data.
    • The names of the files generated by this process are in the following format: Aptify_PF[Process Flow ID]{_}.
    • The system also adds to the object to the Aptify Object Repository.

  3. Close and reopen the record to refresh the record's contents. Click the Details tab.
    • The Compile Status field automatically changes to Complete, and the Compiled Object, Compiled Assembly Name, and Compiled Class fields populate automatically with the name of the object, assembly, and class created to incorporate the logic for the Process Flows record.

      Compiled -Process Flow
  4. Close the record.

    If the Compile Status is set to Error after attempting to compile a process flow, select the Session Exceptions viewer for more information. The Session Exceptions viewer can be accessed from the Aptify > Session Exceptions menu item. See Using the Desktop Client Session Exception Viewer for details.

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