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Add a Subtype Record

When you want to add a subtype record to a GE Object, you can do so via the JavaScript API.

This How-To assumes you have already gone through the steps in Get A GE Object and are coding inside of a callback to Aptify.framework.genericEntity.getEntityObject(). It continues that example, assuming you have already defined personGE.

Step-by-step guide


  1. Know the Name of the subtype Entity.

    // In this example, we'll add a Company relationship to our Person, so we want the PersonCompanies subtype.
    var subTypeName = "PersonCompanies";
  2. Get the subtype collection and call add() on it. Asynchronously set the values of the new record.

    Create and Populate a New Subtype Record
    var personGESubTypes = personGE.subTypes;
    var personCompanySubType = personGESubTypes.findByName(subTypeName);
    // add() takes care creating the new GE and setting framework fields 
    // like ID, the ID of the parent record, and Sequence.
    // Don't try to set them yourself.
    personCompanySubType.add(function (personCompanyGE) {
    	personCompanyGE.CompanyID = 9;
    // Don't save the subtype record directly; instead, save the parent GE.

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