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Developing and Configuring Aptify Mobile for Members

Aptify Mobile for Members Application (AMM) is designed specifically to run on smartphones and tablets, by providing access to functionality that is useful and compelling to association members. The application provides a mobile version of e-Business 5.0 (SP3 or greater), with functionality optimized for the mobile platform.

Mobile for Members supports many popular smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows 7 Phone. Version specific support for each platform is outlined later in this document.
Aptify uses mobile web technology, an emerging method of building touch-optimized mobile applications that approach the experience of native applications while avoiding the effort of building apps for each platform. Aptify plans to distribute the application as natively-installable through app stores like Apple, Blackberry, Android, and Microsoft.

As part of the scalable UI strategy of supporting and optimizing Aptify functionality on a number of devices and UI technologies, Aptify is planning to release two versions of the mobile application. The initial version supports smartphones with the typical single page navigation and the second version will support a two-panel navigation and content layout that is optimized for tablets.

The developing and configuring processes are found in the following sub-topics:



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