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Assigning Topic Codes to Services

Topic codes can be linked to any service and each service where the topic code applies must be defined on the Topic Codes record. Once the topic code has been assigned or linked to a service, the topic code appears on the Topic Codes tab of that service.

If a particular service does not have a Topic Codes tab, you can add one yourself using the Form Template Tab wizard. See Using the Form Template Tab Wizard for more information.


Follow these steps to link a topic code to one or more services.

  1. Open the Topic Codes record, if not already opened.
  2. Click the Topic Code Entities tab.
  3. Click the New icon to open a new Topic Code Entities record.
  4. Enter the service name in the Entity field.
  5. Leave the Status set to Active.
    • By default, the Status of a Topic Code Entities record is Active, which means that the topic code will appear on this service's form topic (assuming the code is Active and that today's date is within the Start/End Date range of the topic code).
    • If you later want to disable the topic code for this entity (but leave it available for other entities), you can change the Status to Inactive.

    Topic Code Entities Record

  6. Click OK to save and close record.
  7. Add additional services as necessary.
    • Alternatively, you can click OK and New in Step 6 to save the current record and open a new Topic Code Entities record.

    Adding Topic Codes to -Services

  8. Save and close the Topic Codes record when finished.

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