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Installation Note for Aptify LMS in Aptify 5.5.2

If you are installing or upgrading Aptify LMS 5.5.1 on a system that is running Aptify 5.5.2,  you need to manually update the Import wizard's record after completing the LMS 5.5.1 install.

Follow these steps.

  1. Install or update Aptify LMS as described earlier in this chapter. See Installing Aptify LMS for new installs and Updating Aptify LMS for upgrades.
  2. Log in to Aptify using an administrator account and open the Aptify On-line LMS Course Import Wizard record in the Wizards service, which can be found in the Framework application.
  3. Click the Scope tab.
  4. Add Course Parts as an entry to the Entities sub-type grid.

     Update Wizard's Scope

  5. Click the Wizard UI Platforms tab.
  6. Add sub-type entries for Windows Desktop Client and HTML5 Web. This will make the wizard available in both the Aptify desktop and Aptify web interfaces.

    Wizard UI Platforms
  7. Save and close the record.

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