Enabling HTTP Compression for the Aptify Web Interface

The Aptify web interface uses HTTP compression as a way to improve performance by reducing the size of the data traveling between the web interface and the web server. Dynamic compression is not enabled by default and the WCF binary encoding must be configured to use encryption.

Follow the steps below to configure these services:

  1. Verify/enable Static and Dynamic Compression on the IIS Server.
    • Requires adding Dynamic Content Compression on the web server under Administrative Tools > Server Manager > Roles > Web Server.
    • Under the Roles Services, select Add Role Services.
    • Select Static Content Compression and Dynamic Content Compression.
  2. Load IIS Manager, navigate to the Aptify application, select Compression and ensure that the Enable dynamic content compression and Enable status content compression options are selected.
  3. After completing these changes, restart IIS.
    • Both static and dynamic compression should now be enabled for the Aptify site. You can verify this using an HTTP debugging tool like Fiddler.


Enabling compression is not guaranteed to improve performance and in some cases may even result in a decrease in performance. Testing within your environment will be necessary to determine the best configuration for your environment.