Before You Install Application Servers

Review the following important information before installing the Application Server software:

  • You must install the Aptify Desktop client on the computer that is running the Application Server component.
  • To simplify installation, Aptify recommends that you install the Aptify application in the default location (C:\Program Files\Aptify 6.4) for all Application Servers.
  • If you plan to schedule tasks locally (i.e. from a client machine, not the Application Servers), Aptify recommends standardizing the directory in which the Aptify client is installed to ensure that locally scheduled tasks execute as expected. If there are different installation paths for the Aptify client in an organization, this can be a problem because the path to the process flow run creation may not be correct. To further limit the effects of an incorrect path, another recommendation is to use the Remote Scheduler as the scheduler agent when scheduling tasks. See Creating a Scheduled Task for more information about creating scheduled tasks with this option.
  • You can install the Application Server on multiple servers in your organization. See Configuring Multiple instances of New Application Server in Aptify 6.4.
  • In general, Aptify does not recommend installing the Application Server component on the computer that is running the Aptify database server in a production environment. However, you can install the Application Server on the database server in a test environment if you want to use this functionality but do not have another computer available. For best results, the clocks on your Aptify database server and the Application Servers should be synchronized. See for information on synchronizing computer clocks using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).