Configuring an Application Server

Aptify automatically creates an Application Server record for the Application Server during installation. Staring 6.4, the new Application Server will get automatically installed with 6.4 installation. The user will need to follow the below instructions for configuring the Application Server.

See About the Application Servers Form for information on the fields in this form.

As described in the installation instructions, the Application Server's configuration settings are stored in the AptifyAsyncProcessor.exe.config file on the Application Server itself; an Application Server's configuration is not stored within Aptify.

This topic covers the following:

Note Concerning Application Servers and the Attributes.xml File

When configuring an Aptify Application server, an administrator updates the properties in the Aptify AsyncProcessor config file with the necessary information to run the application server. However, if the attributes.xml file where the asynchronous processor is installed has also been configured, the application server may not run as expected. For example, if the attributes.xml file contains login information that does not match the login information of the user used to run the application server, the AsyncProcessor will not run. Aptify's best practice recommendation is to not include any configuration information in the application server's local copy of Attributes.xml in its Aptify program file folders.