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Creating an ERD Using the Aptify Entity Report

Aptify provides a standard Entity Report with Aptify. When run from a view of Entities, this report displays information about all of the entities contains in the view. When run from a single Entities record (as described below), the report contains information about that specific entity.

Perform the following steps to run the Aptify Entity report to provide the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD):

  1. Open an entity's record from the Entities service.
  2. Click the Print icon to launch the Report Wizard.
  3. Select Aptify Entity Report Documentation from the list.

     Aptify Entity Report Documentation
  4. Click the Finish button to load the report for the selected entity. The report contains detailed information about the entity's fields, its links to other entities, and its first level sub-types.

    Entity Documentation Report

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