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Using the Web Service Generator Wizard

Aptify provides a wizard to automatically generate a SOAP-based XML Web Service for any entity in Aptify so Web applications can interact with Aptify data. Note that Aptify e-Business is required to use these Web Services.

Follow these steps to use the wizard to generate XML SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Web services for ASP.Net 2.x for one or more Aptify entities:

  1. Create a view of the Entities service that contains the entities for which you want to generate Web services.

    View of Entities
  2. To limit the wizard to a sub-set of records in the view, select one or more entities within in the view.
  3. Launch the Aptify Web Services Generator wizard from the view toolbar.
  4. Select the Entities to include (either all entities in the view or only the ones you selected prior to launching the wizard).

    Web Services Generator Wizard
  5. Specify the location where the Web service files should be copied in the Output Path field.
  6. Specify one or more methods to generate for the Web services. This corresponds to the functionality that will be available to Web applications that communicate with Aptify using this Web service. The options correspond to the set of standard CRUD entity operations (that is, Create, Read, Update, and Delete).
  7. Click OK to complete the wizard and generate ASP.NET Web Service files in the location you specified. See the Aptify e-Business 5.5 Developer Guide for information on using system-generated Web Services in conjunction with an e-Business site.

    ASP.NETWeb Service Files

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