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Using Aptify Learning Management System

Aptify's Learning Management System (Aptify LMS) is an add-on application for the Aptify Education Management add-on application and the Aptify e-Business Suite that can automatically track a student's progress when enrolled in an online course. Aptify LMS is a standards-compliant solution and accepts uploads of any content that complies with a SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) specification (SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004) or the Experience API (aka Tin Can) version 1.0 or earlier. Other features include automatically recording test scores and preventing a student from completing a section without first completing the prior sections within the course. The releases of Aptify LMS and the supported versions of Aptify for the release are listed below:

  • Aptify LMS 5.5.1 is valid for Aptify 5.5.1 and up 
  • Aptify LMS 5.0 is valid for Aptify 5.0 and up.

This topic describes how to install or upgrade Aptify LMS 5.5.1 and how an organization can use Aptify LMS 5.5.1 in conjunction with Aptify e-Business and Education Management to manage online courseware in the following sub-topics:

Aptify LMS is an add-on application for Aptify that requires the e-Business Suite and Education Management add-on application. Therefore, this application may not be available on your system if your organization has not installed this module. Contact your administrator for assistance.



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