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Using Education Management

Aptify’s Education Management add-on application is a course administration system suitable for managing a variety of educational offerings, including professional licensing programs, certification programs, and continuing education courses. This application allows an organization to manage course planning and administration, which includes setting up courses, classes, instructors, and exams for certification and continuing education. In addition, Education Management integrates with Aptify’s e-Business Suite to provide a student and instructor portal for on-line learning and collaboration between students and instructors. 

Aptify's Education Management add-on application can handle basic continuing education unit tracking and can also be used for managing complex certification and accreditation programs, including integration with third party instructors and test centers. The system is scalable to meet each individual organization's needs, whether the organization handles all phases of the certification process internally, or outsources any or all of the certification tracking process.

The Education Management application is an Aptify add-on module that requires its own license. Your user needs a license to the Education module in order to access Education-related data in Aptify. Contact your system administrator for assistance.


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