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Using Commission and Royalty Management

The Aptify Commission and Royalty Management application accommodates a wide variety of commission and royalty agreements through a flexible and extensible model that can be configured to suit the needs of any organization. Each organization may have the need to set up commission structures differently to meet specific business requirements. Through the flexible architecture provided by Aptify Commissions, accommodating any complex commission structure is possible.

This application allows managers to set up any number of commission plans, which can range from simple calculations to complex multi-tiered plans. Many organizations will need to set up multiple commission plans for different types of sales representatives. Any number of commission agreements can be created to establish a commission structure for a particular sales person. Commission agreements use the base information found in a commission plan, and also allow managers to tailor commission structures to individual sales people if necessary. The Commission Payment module handles the payment of commissions to sales people based on the base data defined in the Commission Source service. Any number of commission sources may be set up. The Commission Payment Wizard handles the calculation of commissions for sales people based on the source data. A full audit trail is maintained to ensure that supporting detail exists for all commission payment records. These same processes apply to organizations that generate royalty payments.

The Commission and Royalty Management application is an Aptify add-on module that requires its own license. Your user needs a license to the Commissions module in order to access Commissions-related data in Aptify. Contact your system administrator for assistance.


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