Setting up BluePay Hosted Payment Configurations

The Configuration given below is automatically generated through Aptify 6.1 Setup and higher version. The user need not perform the below steps if you are using Aptify 6.1 or higher version as the setup takes care of it.

This page contains the below configurations for setting up the Blue-Pay Hosted payment.

Aptify Smart Client Configurations 

Setting up Blue-Pay merchant account. 

  1. Open the Merchant account record that was created through setup.
  2. Go to General Tab and check the following check boxes:
    1. Is Active
    2. Use Reference Transactions 
    3. Use Hosted Payment Checkout

  3. Go to PlugIns tab and make sure all the settings are present as shown in below image.

  4. Go to Attributes tab:
    1. Add the Username as User ID/ Account ID provided by Blue-Pay payment gateway. 
    2. Add the Password as Security Key provided by the Blue-Pay payment gateway.

  5. Go to Payment Types and click on New Payment Types Record.
  6. On New Payment Types Record form, go to General tab and add the following details:
    1. Enter the Payment Type Name. 
    2. Enter the appropriate Description. 
    3. Select the base payment type as Credit Card Hosted Payment Reference Transaction from drop-down list.
    4. Check the Active check box.
    5. Check the Is Remote Payment.


      1. Make sure to create a payment type record of base payment type as Credit Card Reference Transaction and Credit Card Type should be the one that is to be used on the Hosted Payment and link it to merchant account.
      2. Make sure to run the UI Parts Metadata process flow for the form template name Payment Information Control Template_Credit Card Hosted Payment Reference Transaction to make Make Payment button visible on Aptify Web.
      3. Open the form template from step ii. Verify that the UI Platforms tab has a subtype record for the HTML5 Web platform. If it does not, re-run the process flow from step 2 using the form template record id instead of the name. Check for the UI Platform entry again. If it is still missing, the button to invoke hosted payments will not show in Aptify Web. In this scenario you will need to contact support for assistance.

      Example: If we are using Visa credit card type on the hosted payment form then we must add a payment type that has credit card type as VISA and base payment type as Credit Card Reference Transaction and link it with merchant account. 

  7. Go to Currency Tab and add the currency type record.

Run the required process flow, UI Part Metadata Generator, and IIS restart for enabling it on Aptify Web.

Aptify Web Configurations

For enabling BluePay hosted payment on Aptify-Web, make sure all the Aptify Smart Client Configurations settings are done and the below key value pair is present under the Web.config file of Aptify Web Service API on the installed path.

The Configuration given below is automatically generated through Aptify 6.1 Setup.

Under the <appSettings> tag

 <add key="Aptify.FrameWork.Payment.BluePay.RemoteUrl" value="<Aptify Web root>/hostedpaymentresponse.html" />


This is a static HTML hosted at our end, BluePay posts the response data to this URL then this page is responsible redirect response data to the AptifyWeb end point <rootURL>/HostedPaymentProcessResponseService which takes care of processing the payment.