Developing for Aptify

The Aptify Framework is a powerful and versatile platform that helps developers quickly create new business applications leveraging Aptify’s core product functionality.

When working with the Aptify desktop client, building on Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4.5, Aptify utilizes the latest Microsoft technologies to provide a complete toolkit for developing new applications in the Aptify environment. These are the same tools that Aptify engineers use to develop the CRM business application offered by Aptify, including:

  • The Entities administration tool
  • Form templates and the “design in place” Visual Designer
  • Business Process Automation using a Process Pipeline
  • Business Intelligence (BI) functionality — Views, Dashboards, and Reports

The information in this topic is targeted for application developers and provides information on how to build common configurations in Aptify, including:

  • Developing Entities and field-level validation
  • Developing plug-ins for an entity object and a duplicate check object
  • Developing wizards
  • Developing Form Templates with the Visual Designer and developing a Layout Control
  • Developing Process Flows and writing Process Flow Rule Steps

The configuration examples described in this topic are presented within the context of a sample Motor Loaner application. Aptify has provided a complete working example, including source code, for this application.

This topic builds on the information found in other Aptify topics, most notably Using Aptify and Administering Aptify, but describes the Aptify system from a developer’s perspective. You may want to reference these other topics as needed for more information.

This topic contains links to sub-topics that contain information for developers related to  Aptify version 5.5 and subsequent service packs.

  • Aptify e-Business 5.5 Developer Guide - Contains information that would be used by a developer to create, deploy, and work with an e-Business site using Aptify e-Business 5.5.
  • Aptify 5.0 Software Development Kit  - Provides information related to the .NET components that have been developed and incorporated into the Aptify Framework and into Aptify Business Applications. This document is provided as an HTML Help file.

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