Adding Persons

Company Administrators have the ability to add users by entering details manually and adding rows as needed for additional users.

To add members refer to the steps below:

  1. To add new members select the Add Member button from the Company Administrator Dashboard Page.
  2. To add users directly on the Add New People page, enter the required details for each person as shown below:
    1. In First Name field, enter the first name of the person.
    2. In Last Name field, enter the last name of the person.
    3. In Title field, enter the title of the person.
    4. In Email field, enter the email of the person.
    5. If a web user record is to be created for the person, check the Web User? checkbox.
  3. In order to add more persons, click the Insert Row button and repeat step 2.
  4. Click Submit to add the new Persons records associated with the Group Administrator's Company.

The view company directory link is provided in the lower left corner, clicking on which one is navigated to the Company Directory page. For more information, refer Using the Company Directory


Aptify e-Business 6.3 introduces the ability to add new members to all companies being managed by the Company Administrator, on the same page. This has been facilitated by the Switch Company dropdown containing all companies currently managed by the Company Administrator. In order to add members to a particular company, select company from the Switch Company dropdown.