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About the Tasks Form

The Tasks service defines activities associated with a particular project. The Tasks service has wide-spread uses and is available from many applications, including Customer Management. Tasks can be used with any service and are not limited to companies and persons.

Tasks Form

Top Panel

Name (Required)

The name of the task.

Type (Required)

The task's type. This field links to the Task Types service. You cannot change the type once the Task record has been saved. For new records, a user can only select from the list of Active Task Types.


A brief description of the task.

Status (Required)

The Status field indicates the current status of the task. The available Status options are defined in the associated Task Type record. Also, changing the Status from one value to another may trigger an Action (as defined within the Task Type).


The task's priority level. Options include Low, Normal, and High.


If this type is part of a larger overall task, the name of the parent task appears in the Parent field.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Task record.

Attributes Tab

This tab stores attributes related to this Tasks record. Attributes are a generic feature that allow implementation of organization-specific logic and are not commonly used in Aptify.

General Tab

Assigned Date

The date that this task was assigned by the Assigned By employee.

Started Date

The date that the Assigned To employee started the task.

Due Date

The date by which the task should be completed.

Completed Date

The actual date on which the task was completed. If left blank when a task is closed, Aptify automatically inserts the current date and time in this field.

Assigned By

The name of the employee who assigned this task. This field links to the Employees service.

Assigned To

The name of the employee to whom this task was assigned. This field links to the Employees service.

% Complete

The percentage of the task which has been completed. This field should be updated periodically by the Assigned To employee to track progress. When a task is closed, Aptify automatically sets this field to 100.

Hours Grid

This grid helps evaluate expectations for how long it takes to complete a task. A user enters the estimated number of hours to complete the task in the Estimated Hours field. After completing the task, the Assigned To employee enters the actual number of hours it took to complete the task in the Actual Hours field. The system automatically calculates the difference between the actual and estimated number of hours in the Variance Hours field.

The system also automatically adds the estimated and actual hours from any sub-tasks in the Rollup fields and calculates the total for a task and its sub-tasks in the Total fields. See Reviewing Task Hours.

Links Tab

The Links tab displays the relationships between this task and other records. For example, a task that deals with a specific campaign effort should have a link to a Campaign record.

For Persons, Companies, and Employees, the link information includes the record ID, contact name, phone number, and email address. For all other services, the link information shows the record name and record ID.

Links Tab

Predecessors Tab

The Predecessors tab lists any tasks that need to be completed before this task can be performed.

Sub-Tasks Tab

The Sub-Tasks tab displays information about any sub-tasks for which this task is configured as the Parent. This tab has three sub-tabs: List, Calendar and Gantt View.

List displays a hierarchical list view of all tasks that have the current task listed as its parent. For each task on the list, you can expand the view hierarchy to display any sub-tasks for that task.

Sub-Tasks Tab's List Sub-tab

The Calendar sub-tab displays the sub-tasks on a month view calendar based on the sub-task's Date Assigned and Due Date.

The Gantt View sub-tab displays the sub-tasks as a graphical representation of the amount of time allocated to tasks or assignments based on the Assigned To employee.

  • Note: This tab appears blank in Aptify web. Gantt views are not supported in Aptify Web. 

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