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Configuring an Email Control to Launch Aptify Messaging

By default, when a user selects the icon that appears next to an Email control on a form, a new mail message is opened from the user's Outlook application. However, an administrator can also configure an Email control to launch Aptify's Messaging form so that users can access message templates and other mail-related features directly from a record.

This behavior is controlled by the GlobalUseAptifyMessaging attribute found on the Configuration > Attributes tab of the Message Systems entity. When set to 1, the system launches the Aptify Messaging form. When set to 0 (the default value), Aptify opens a new Outlook Mail message.

An administrator can modify this attribute at the global level as necessary based on the system functionality desired. In addition, an administrator can add the UseAptifyMessaging attribute to any entity to control the behavior for email fields on a per-entity basis. When set to 1, the system overrides the global attribute and launches the Aptify Messaging form for the particular service. When set to 0, Aptify overrides the global attribute and opens a new Outlook Mail message for the particular service.

Note that the email field that appears on the standard Persons form is configured to launch the Aptify Messaging dialog by default.

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