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Understanding the Executive User Role-based Profile

Aptify includes several pre-defined role-based profiles that can simplify a particular type of user's interaction with the system. Aptify has designed one of these profiles based on the typical requirements of an organization's Executive User. This profile provides easy access to the information and functions within Aptify commonly accessed by an individual who is responsible for executive decisions within an organization.

A role-based profile is intended as a starting point for a particular type of Aptify user. As applicable, an administrator can leverage the profiles provided by Aptify to create new profiles specific to an organization. Also, once an end user's Aptify profile has been created, he or she can modify the profile as needed to personalize the Aptify user experience.

See the Using Role-based Profiles for more information on role-based profiles.


This topic describes the design and layout of the Executive User profile included with Aptify. It covers the following sub-topics:

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