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Managing Accounting and Financial Systems Integration

The Aptify Order Entry and Payment Processing services offer direct functional integration with an organization's chosen accounting system. Aptify's transaction processing system provides flexibility in the integration model as well as the ability to track and maintain a detailed history of every point of integration between Aptify and the selected accounting package. For information on the use of the order entry and payment processing services, see Using Order Entry.

The purpose of this topic is to integrate accounting concepts from order processing, payment processing, general ledger batching, and several other areas of the Aptify application suite into a series of process-oriented topics.

This topic assumes an understanding of the basic Aptify services such as Products, Product Categories, Orders, and Payments. For basic information on each of these services, consult the links below. In addition, this topic assumes a working knowledge of the mechanics of double entry accounting.

The integration of accounting and financial systems with Aptify is discussed in the following topics:

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