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Using Advertising Management Processes

After setting up the configuration services for the Advertising module as discussed in Setting Up Advertising Management, the main processing features of the module are ready for use. This section discusses creating Advertising Contracts records and Advertising Insertion Orders records and how they all interact in the Advertising module and with the Orders service. It should be noted that the user never has to enter the Orders service to process an advertising product. References are made to the Orders service to fully explain the processing functionality of the advertising module. The processes are presented in the order they should occur to function correctly in the Advertising module.

  • Advertising Rate Cards must be set up before Advertising Contracts;
  • Advertising Contracts must be created before Advertising Insertion Orders; and Advertising Insertion Orders must be created before an order for the advertisement product can be generated, paid, or cancelled.

The following processes for each service are covered in detail within the following sub-topics:

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