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Comparing the Aptify Web Interface to the Desktop Client

As of version 5.5.1, Aptify has a web browser interface for the Aptify platform designed using HTML5. With this interface, you can run Aptify using a web browser and perform many of the same tasks available with the Aptify Desktop client, including the ability to run views and work with records. The web browser interface is referred to as Aptify.

This topic provides information, from an end user's perspective, of the framework and business application functionality included in for each of the releases of Aptify. This topic includes an overview of both the differences in common operations between Aptify and the Aptify Desktop client as well as information on current limitations. 

For details on the functionality included in each version of Aptify, refer to Using the Aptify Web Interface.


The initial release of the Aptify Web interface focused on end-users who utilize Aptify to find, view, add and modify data across the main Aptify applications (for example, users who need to find and view person and company information). Future releases will continue to add functionality to enhance the end user experience and to support more power-user and administrator related tasks.


This topic is comprised of the following sub-topics:

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