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Using the Aptify Web Interface

Aptify 5.5.1 introduced a web browser interface for the Aptify platform. Built on HTML5 Aptify utilizes JavaScript libraries including: JQUERY, Kendo, and CSS. With this interface, a user can connect to Aptify using a web browser to perform many of the same tasks available with the Aptify Desktop client, including the ability to run views and work with records. This topic provides context and guidance on the areas of functionality that are unique to this Aptify interface.


See Comparing the Aptify Web Interface to the Desktop Client for information about functional differences between Aptify's browser-based and desktop clients.


Topics covered include:

Requirements and Support

Basic end user requirements to use the Aptify web interface include:

  • A trusted user account with a valid license to connect to the Aptify database (Aptify 5.5.1 and up):
    • Each Aptify user should be linked to an Employees and Persons record as certain features in Aptify will not work properly without this relationship. For information on how to link users to entity records, see Creating User Accounts for new users and Editing User Accounts for existing users.


      Logging into Aptify with an untrusted user account is not supported in Aptify 5.5.1.

  • An untrusted user account (Aptify 5.5.2 and up)
  • Web Browser

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