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Developing Code-Based Wizards

The Aptify Framework and Business Applications include a set of step-by-step wizards that assist users with a particular process (such as the Order Cancellation wizard to cancel an order). However, organizations can also develop their own wizards to facilitate a specific business process.

Code-based wizards in Aptify are written in Visual Studio and then added as an Entity Action to the appropriate entity. Users then launch the wizard to perform a function either by clicking an icon in a view toolbar or by clicking a button in a digital dashboard.

This topic contains the following sub-topics that describe the general process for writing a wizard for Aptify and how to add it to the system:

Aptify recommends that wizards be developed as metadata-based wizards. Metadata-based leverage Aptify’s Form Template and Process Pipeline technology, and all of the functionality for the wizard is defined directly in a Wizards record in Aptify. Also, metadata wizards can function in both the Aptify Web interface and the Desktop client (whereas code-based wizards are for the Desktop client only). See Designing Metadata Wizards for information on creating a metadata‐based wizard.

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