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Developing Field-Level Validation Scripts

Aptify's Generic Entity (GE) provides validation for all standard field-level validation needs. When a user attempts to save a record in Aptify, the GE automatically applies the following validation rules:

  • Required fields may not be left blank.
  • For numeric fields, a valid numeric value is required.
  • For text fields, a valid text value is required (no use of the quoted identifier).
  • For date fields, a valid date value is required.

While these are all basic rules, they provide the field-level validation that most database systems do not consistently implement.

A developer can also include additional validation logic as needed on a field-by-field basis or at the entity level. This topic describes how to write a validation script for an entity field that builds upon the standard GE validation, using the examples included in the sample Motor Loaner System application. (For information on adding validation at the entity level, see Developing Entity Plug-in Objects.

This topic includes the following sub-topics that contain information related to field level validation scripts:

For more information about scripting in Aptify, see Administering Scripts.

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