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Using the Aptify Configuration Migration Tool

CM Tool First Release

This is first official release of the Aptify Configuration Migration (CM) Tool. If you have any questions or problems using the tool please contact Aptify Technical Support. Your feedback is appreciated!.

The Aptify Configuration Migration (CM) Tool assists developers in moving entities and metadata from one environment (the source) to another (the destination). This tool can be used to unpack entities during the initial server installation process, or during a server upgrade to a new version of Aptify. The CM Tool can also be used to move organization-specific entities and metadata from one server to another.  You can choose which items to pack from the source database and unpack them on the destination database, all within the same GUI interface. For example, to move new entities from a development server to production, the entities are packed on the development server using the Packing option and then unpacked on the production server using the tool's Unpacking option. The CM tool also provides developers with the ability, prior to any packing or unpacking actions, to use validation rules provided with the tool or with newly defined rules to verify the packs. 


Always Test in a Non-Production Environment and Backup Recommendations

Unpacking of a pack created using the CM Tool should be unpacked against a non-production environment first before using it to move entities and metadata into a production environment. in addition, make sure to backup the server where you are unpacking, to provide a fall-back option, in case a problem occurs during the process. 

This version of the Aptify CM Tool provides the following feature:

  • Packs and unpacks entities and metadata
  • Upgrade existing entities
  • Move database objects from one Aptify environment to another
  • Include or exclude any database objects while packing and unpacking
  • Validates entities and metadata using rules before performing a packing or unpacking action
  • Ability to add validation rules to system based on an organization's specific requirements
  • Automatic detailed logging of packing and unpacking processes, with exceptions highlighted in red 

The Aptify CM Tool does not provide the following:

  • Support for packing data


This topic includes the following information to help you use the Aptify CM Tool:


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