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Managing Product Inventory

The Aptify Inventory Control system is designed to help an organization manage product inventory in their warehouses. The Aptify Inventory Control system can track the inventory of complex products, assemblies, and kits in multiple warehouses, and track the fulfillment of orders from any number of warehouses from any one order.

Aptify Inventory Control has a number of additional features: 

  • Tracks warehouse inventory levels down to the pallet and bin level, if desired.
  • Accommodates fulfillment from third party vendors using Drop-Ship capabilities.
  • Offers workflow capabilities using Aptify's Process Pipeline technology, such as automatic notification to product managers when inventory level reaches or drops below a defined level. This improves efficiency and allows for enhanced inventory management.

The inventory control capabilities in Aptify are of great value for keeping on top of customer demand for products and making sure that customer service remains a top priority in the organization.

At the end of the chapter is a glossary of Aptify Inventory terms and definitions for reference.

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