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About the Sales Force Automation Dashboard and Views

The Sales Force Automation application includes a default dashboard and three shared views that an organization can use to assist in the analysis of Opportunities. These items can also be used as a starting point for developing your own dashboards and views based on your organization's requirements.

The default dashboard displays two of the three shared views described later in this topic. The top area displays the Open Opportunities list view and the bottom area displays the 12 Month Forecast By Rep chart view. See Using Digital Dashboards for information on working with dashboards, including how to copy and modify a dashboard.

Sales Force Automation Dashboard
By default, the sa user in Aptify includes a shared folder of the Opportunities service that contains three shared views:

Shared -Opportunities Views

  • Open Opportunities: This list view displays Opportunities records that have a Status of Open.
    Open -Opportunities View 
  • 12 Month Forecast By Rep: This chart view displays the current estimated revenue amount by sales person per quarter for the next year. It calculates the revenue forecast by adding together the weighted total for each open opportunity assigned to the sales person that has an expected decision date in a particular calendar quarter. (The weighted total is the sum of an opportunity's line items multiplied by the current Acceptance Probability percentage.) Note that this chart shows expected revenue for opportunities expected to close in the next year — if viewing this chart in the fourth quarter of a year, then the chart's fourth quarter (on the right) displays information for the current year while the first, second, and third quarter (on the left) displays information for next year. To display information only for the current year, you can create a copy of this view and add additional filters so it only considers those opportunities.
    12 Month Forecast View 
  • Revenue Forecast: This pivot table provides a forecast of upcoming revenue by date and account manager based on information from Open opportunities, including total estimated amount (based on the sum of the opportunity's line items) and weighted total (the estimated amount multiplied by the current Acceptance Probability percentage).
    Revenue -Forecast View 

See Using Folders and Sharing Views for information on connecting to shared folders and working with shared views.


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