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Note Concerning Company Subscriptions and Dues

By default, when a user specifies a Company Purchase Type for a subscription or dues product on an order line, Aptify populates the Subscriptions record's Subscriber Company field based on the Ship To Company on the order. In some cases, the Ship To Person's company may be different from the Ship To Company specified on the order so Aptify assumes that the Ship To Company is meant to be the proper recipient of the subscription.

However, earlier versions of Aptify always used the Ship To Person's company as the subscriber company rather than the Ship To Company (if the two were different). Some organizations' business practices may rely on this usage pattern. Therefore, Aptify provides an attribute to the Subscriptions entity to allow an administrator to set this behavior as applicable.

The entity attribute's name is SubscriberCompanyBehavior. By default, this attribute has a value of Order, which sets the Subscriber Company for company purchases to the Order's Ship To Company. If an organization's business practice requires that all company purchases be based on the Ship To Person's company, the system administrator should change this value to Person. See Administering Entities for information on working with Entities and entity attributes.

For Aptify web interface users, only the Order value is supported for the SubscriberCompanyBehavior attribute.

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