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Before Attempting to Use Windows Terminal Server

Below is a list of areas to be aware of when attempting to run Aptify via Terminal Server.

  • Single Object Cache: Only one object cache exists for a Aptify installation that uses Terminal Server since all users are actually running the application on the server itself. Therefore, each user connected to that server shares the same object cache.
  • Object Cache Cannot Be Updated While Sessions Are Open: Since there is a single object cache for all users, a user cannot download updated objects while other users are using the application at the same time. Therefore, you must have all users log off and run the Object Repository Synchronization Utility as needed to keep the terminal server's object cache updated.

Despite these restrictions there are some recommendations that reduce the potential of encountering the issues described above. These recommendations include:

  • Use the Object Repository Synchronizer utility to download all of the objects from the Object Repository to the ObjectCache folder on the terminal server. See Running the Object Repository Synchronizer.
  • An administrator should install all required applications and services on the server running Terminal Server.

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