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Analysis of Use of CES

Effectively implemented Composite Engagement Score is an extremely powerful tool. It is important to understand that KPI selection is a vital part of CES calculation. An association should make sure to select the most relevant KPIs. Over time analyzing CES using segmentation analysis and trend analysis will itself assist in the selection of KPIs. Initially, an Association can perform data mining on the existing data to assist in selection of KPIs. However, once the CES is up and running, it is very important to analyze how their organization is using CES to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit from this tool.

Aptify firmly believes that Composite Engagement Score assists Associations in achieving their missions. Composite Engagement Score provides a strong platform to anticipate the potential future of an organization using Predictive Modeling. It allows users to predict various future elements of engagement and helps shape an organization proactively to turn change into opportunity.

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