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Segmentation Analysis of CES Values

CES values can be effectively analyzed using segmentation. It is very important to have segmentation that is relevant to your organization. Segmentation can be done by analyzing the organization's data internally or by a specialist consultant. There are data mining tools which allow you to find patterns and help define segmentation. Views should be created to analyze the segment wise CES data. Following are a few segmentation examples which may be applicable to your organization:

Segment of One

The following views are related to segment of one analysis:

It is very valuable to evaluate the CES value of individual members to determine whether your perception of a member's engagement and CES value is in line. This can be done by looking at profiles of your star members or randomly looking at profiles of other members. If you find profiles that don't appear to be aligned, analyze other profiles and determine whether a change in KPIs or KPI weights is required.

Geographic Segments

The following view is related to geographic segment analysis:

Segmentation can be done on the basis of geographic region to analyze CES value patterns.

Age Segments

The following view is related to age segment analysis:

Demographic factors including age can be relevant to your organization and may also prove to be beneficial in analyzing CES values.

Member Type and Class Segments

The following view is related to age segment analysis:

Member Type and Class is another important natural segmentation factor that exists in an organization. Analyzing the average CES values of various member types can help you analyze the effectiveness of the member types.

Unknown Segments

Lastly it is important to discover any unknown factors which may be relevant segmentation factors for your particular organization. This can be done using data mining tools like SQL Server Analysis Server which runs seamlessly with Aptify.

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