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Viewing Course Registration and Answer Analysis Reports

Aptify Learning Management System (LMS) provides several shared views that can be used to create reports to analyze course registration data and the answers being provided to exam questions by each student. This topic describes how to access those shared views to view those reports.

The reports work best when viewing information about courses created using SCORM 2004 and Tin Can 1.0. You can view information about courses created using SCORM 1.2, but the information set for SCORM 1.2-based courses is much smaller, so many fields in the reports will be blank.

The shared views provided in this release can be used to create new views that can be configured to provide more specific details. For more information on using views, see Using the Viewing System.

The LMS shared views are based on information from the LMS Reporting Details virtual entity (which displays student/course part interaction information that is stored outside of Aptify in the AptifyLMS database) and from the ClassRegistrationsWPartStatus base view (which is a view of Class Registrations that pulls in related Part Status sub-type data). In addition to providing the foundation for the LMS shared views, user can leverage LMS Reporting Details and ClassRegistrationsWPartStatus to build their own views and reports as needed.

The data for the LMS Reporting Details service is based on Tin Can statements that are generated by the ScormEngine and stored in the AptifyLMS database. If necessary, you can also review the data directly in the ScormEngine by browsing to the Scorm Engine console for your site. The URL is http://\[your site name]/scormengine/tools/console/console.aspx. By default, the console password is password20, and it is defined in the ScormEngineSettings.config file.


The services that contain the LMS Shared Views (Class Registrations and LMS Reporting Details) also contain LMS Reference Views. The views in the LMS Reference Views folder should not be modified, as these views are used to provide reports for the Course Parts and Parts Status records. Refer to About the Course Parts Form for Aptify LMS and About the Class Registrations Form for Aptify LMS for more information on the reports.

Also, only users who have access to the AptifyLMS database can view data from the LMS Reporting Details virtual entity. If you did not grant a user access to the AptifyLMS database at the time you installed or upgraded Aptify LMS, you can grant the user access to the database from the Aptify User Administration wizard.

For upgrade environments, note that answer level reporting using the LMS Reporting Details service is only available for interactions that occur after upgrading Aptify LMS from version 5.0 to 5.5.1. Interactions that existed prior to the upgrade will not appear in views of the LMS Reporting Details service.

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