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Importing Large Course Files

By default, the SCORM Engine's web.config allows users to upload files of up to 200 MB (209,800 KB) to the Aptify Learning Management System (LMS). When a SCORM or Tin Can course file is imported that exceeds this limit, a generic error is displayed as in Figure 2.5. If you have determined that the course file size limitation has been exceeded, an administrator can follow the steps below to make the necessary to increase the size limitations imposed on import file sizes.


It may be necessary to restart the Microsoft IIS after making any of the changes below.


You can adjust the course file size limit by changing parameter values in the ScormEngine's web.config file. The default maximum import file size is about 200 MB (209,800 KB). The maximum import file size is controlled using the maxAllowedContentLength and the maxRequestLength parameters, found in the Configuration/system.webserver section.


The value in maxAllowedContentLength is expressed in bytes, while the value in maxRequestLength is expressed in kilobytes.

Increasing or decreasing the highlighted values below will change the maximum file size. For example, changing the maxAllowedContentLength value to 2097151000, and the maxRequestLength value to 2097151 will increase the import file size limit to approximately 2048 MB (2,097,151 KB). Depending on the size maximum, the executionTimeout value may need to be increased as well.


<requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="209800000"></requestLimits>
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="209800" executionTimeout="300"/>


More information regarding the management of Post file sizes can be found at:

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