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About the Full Text Indexes Form

The Full Text Indexes Form store information about keywords and their location within the database, specifically a given column within an Aptify entity. 

Full Text Indexes Record

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Full Text Indexes record.

General Tab

Name (Required)

The name of the full text index.

Entity (Required)

The name of the entity to be indexed.

Indexed View Is Generated (Required)

When this option is selected, an index view is automatically created when saving the full text index.

Indexed View (Required)

The name of the indexed view used for this full text index.

Enabled (Required)

When selected, the full text index is enabled and a full text population is performed.

NO POPULATE (Required)

When selected, a full population is performed, when cleared, the population is not performed.

Index Settings Tab

Full Text Catalog

The name of the catalog in which this full text index is associated. This field links to the Full Text Catalog service.

File Group

The file group in which this full text index is associated.

Stop List

A list of common words to exclude from a search. For example, in the English language words such as a, and, is, and the can be excluded to produce a more useful search.The default values are System (use the system's stop list) and Off (no stop list).

Change Tracking

The method to use when changes are made that require a re-population of the index. The possible choices are: Auto, Manual, and Off.

Fields Tab

This tab stores the fields you want to include in the index. Each field is stores in a Fields sub-tab form.

Fields Sub-type Form

General Tab

Field Name (Required)

The name of the field to include in the index.

Type Field

If the field specified stores documents within Aptify, the Type field is the field in the entity that represents the document type.

Language (Required)

The language associated with the index. The default value is {DEFAULT} which is the system's default language.

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