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Introduction to BluePay Payment Gateway


Aptify 6.0 includes a new payment processing type with the BluePay Payment Gateway. This Payment Gateway is an alternative payment option optimized for internet merchants during the order process. The gateway service provides an easy way to process payments by using credit cards and ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions and is complete with CVV validation (if requested).


For Detailed information of the features, please visit www.bluepay.com

The new payment gateway process supports the following features in Aptify Smart Client and Web:

    • Account Updater
    • Fraud Management
    • Payments (Credit Card and ACH)
      • Saved Payment Methods
      • Capture Process Flow
      • Raw Request and Raw Response
      • AVS and CSC check

The following are the authorization types supported by the BluePay Payment Gateway:

  • Authorization only
  • Authorization capture

For installing BluePay Payment Gateway, see Installation of BluePay Payment Gateway.

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