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Place and Configure a Web-Only Form Component

When a Form Component has only been implemented for the Web, it has no Windows implementation, and cannot be placed on a Form Template using the Visual Designer. Instead, you'll need to directly add a Form Template Part (FTP) to the Form Template.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create the Form Template Part
    1. Go to the Part List tab of the Form Template.
    2. Add a new Part to the list -- click on the red Part link when the window pops up to actually create a new Form Template Part.
    3. Give your FTP a Name, Display Name, and Layout Key.  The Category should be the name of the Form Template's entity + "Form Parts", e.g., for parts on a Form Template for the Scheduled Tasks entity, the Category would be "Scheduled Tasks Form Parts".
    4. The Type of your FTP should be Component (the default).
    5. Set the Form Component to your custom Form Component.

  2. Save, which will enable the Input Map tab.  If your Form Component requires Input Properties, fill them out on that tab.

  3. If your Form Component isn't the only thing on the Form Template, you probably want to adjust its position and size.  Change the Location of the Form Template Part from Automatic to Specific to enable the part's Placement tab, where you can set position and size.

  4. Regenerate Form Template UI Parts for your Form Template's entity.

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