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e-Business 6.0 User Information Guide


The e-Business 6.0 is an e-commerce website which accommodates wide ranges of the association products and events. With the e-Business 6.0 website, the association members can buy products like subscriptions, membership, publications, kit product, group product, and other general products from associations. The association members can manage their profile information and view order history.

In the e-Business 6.0 website, non-members can see the publically available features such as browse products, view details (size, color, and price) of the products, view the planned events and meetings. A registered member can see the publically available features and also buy the products or register for an event by adding them to the shopping cart, see Login/Sign Up for additional information on registering with the e-Business.

e-Business 6.0 High-Level Flow Diagram 

e-Business 6.0 High-Level Flow Diagram

Following are the topics included:

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