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About the Search Configurations Form

This service defines which services are searched as part of the Quick Search feature in the Aptify web interface. Starting with Aptify 5.5.5 it also defines the fields to search and fields to return when using the search feature with linkboxes and other Aptify web components.

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Search Configurations record. The tab becomes available when the record is initially saved.

Entities Tab

This tab defines the list of entities that are available for search through the Global Search feature as well as other search parameters including which fields are search within a particular entity and which fields are returned. In addition, organizations can specify an optional stored procedure Stored procedures provide flexibility and the ability to optimize the search above and beyond the generated SQL from the default search.


Search Configuration's Entities Sub-type Records

Entities > General Tab


The name of the entity that is part of this Search Configuration record.

Entity Card

If the specified entity has an entity card, you can specify it here. This field links to the Entity Cards service.


The default behavior (no Handler defined) is to open the Entity record using the Entity and Record ID. For most search results, this is correct. However, there are some Search Entities where a different operation is required. For My Views and My Wizards, we don't want the Views Record or Wizards record to appear, we want the View to run and display its results. For Wizards, we want the Wizard to execute. We use a JavaScript function, which is the handler, to override the default behavior. Instead of displaying the Entity Record, the function defined in the Handler value is called and it is responsible for the desired action

Search Stored Procedure

Defines an optional stored procedure for the entity search.

Entities > Field to Return

This tab provides the list of fields that will be returned for this entity when searching for records from components that use this configuration including the Quick Search, linkboxes, etc. Note that is no records are defined, the fields to return will be those marked as Default in View on the entity.

Entities > Search Fields

This tab provides the list if fields to search for this entity when searching for records from components that use this configuration including the Quick Search, linkboxes, etc.

General Tab


The name of the search configuration. By default there is one record, the Default Search Configuration.


A description of the Search Configuration.

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