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About the UI Part Metadata Items Form

This service is used to define data sets and make them available to the JavaScript API. This web form was added for the web interface in Aptify 5.5.1.

A UI Part Metadata Item defines a SQL statement, which can be stored procedure call or a set of SQL statements. The data tables that are returned from the SQL statements are used to generate a data set, in JSON format, based on the information in the Tables and Sub Tables. The JSON-formatted data is stored in a UI Part which allows the information to be cached via the browser cache.

The information that is returned via UI Part Metadata Items is system-level information that is applicable to all Users. Returning information that changes based on the currently logged in user is not supported at this time. For example, information about View Types and Products Types are good candidates for UI Part Metadata Items as the information is not specific to the user. Views, Dashboards and Form Templates are not good candidates because only a subset of those are applicable to the user, and they will change based on the user logging in.

Product Types is a good example where the Source SQL returns two data tables, with the first being the top-level productTypes, and the second is a child table, attributes, linked to productTypes by the ProductTypeID in ProductTypsAttributes. Note that both are listed as Tables but attributes has the Include In Data Set option cleared because it is not at the top-level. The data is in there but it's under the parent table.

Filter Rules shows multiple top level tables, one of which has a child table (filterRules with filterRuleItems).


UI Part Metadata Items Record

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the UI Part Metadata record. The tab becomes available when the record is initially saved.

General Tab


The name of the UI Part Metadata.


A description of the UI Part Metadata.

UI Part

The name of the related UI Part.

Source SQL

The SQL statement associated with this record.

Tables Tab

If this UI Part Metadata is related to any other table, those tables are listed on the Tables tab of UI Part Metadata records.

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