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Creating a Products Record for a Meeting

Meetings are created from either the Meetings or Products service and have a variety of sub-tabs that apply specifically to meeting products.

Follow these steps to create a new Meeting product in Aptify:

These instructions focus on how creating a meeting product is differs from creating a standard product. Therefore, configuration items that are the same for meetings and basic products are not described in detail. For more information on items that are common to both meetings and basic products (such as Product Categories and general ledger (GL) Accounts), see Managing Basic Products.

  1. Open a new record from either the Products or Meetings service.
    • The Products service is found in the Product Setup and Maintenance and Inventory Management applications by default. The Meetings service is found in the Meeting Management service by default.
    • If you open a new record from the Meetings service, the system automatically updates the Type field to Meeting.

  2. Enter a name for the meeting product in the Name field.
  3. Enter the meeting's product Category.

  4. If you opened the record from the Products service, select the Meeting product type from the Product Type list.
    • A Meetings tab displays to indicate that this product is an extended product of the meeting type. The Meeting product type also configures the product to use a Meeting Order Detail Form within the Orders Entry Form.

  5. If you are creating a record for a Meetings session, specify the top-level meeting in the Parent Product field.

    New Meetings Product

  6. Click the Product Details tab.
    • If you selected the Open Order Line on Add option, the Order Lines record opens automatically when added to an order. See Creating a Basic Products Record for more information.

  7. Click the Meetings tab.
  8. Enter a title for the meeting in the Meeting Title field on the General sub-tab.
  9. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the meeting.

  10. Enter the meeting's Coordinator
    • The Coordinator field is linked to the Employees service.

  11. If this meeting has a corresponding exposition linked to it, enter the Expos record in the Linked Expo field.
  12. Enter the maximum number of people who can register for this meeting in the Max. Reg. field.
  13. Select the appropriate meeting conflict behavior from the Meeting Conflict drop-down menu.
  14. Enter a Description for the meeting.
    • Note that the following fields on the General sub-tab are reserved for future use:
      • Meeting Type
      • Meeting Track
      • Meeting Time Slot
      • Is Free
      • Allow Groups
      • Min. Group Size
      • Max. Group Size

    Meetings Tab

  15. On the Meetings tab, click the Meeting Logistics sub-tab and specify the information about where the meeting will be held including the room's configuration details.
    • If using Aptify Meeting Room Management functionality, see Managing Meeting Rooms for more information about meeting room planning and capacity management.
    • Location Sub-Tab section has the list of fields available on this tab.

  16. Click the Speakers sub-tab and information about the speakers at the meeting, as necessary.
  17. Click the Sponsors sub-tab and information about the companies who are helping to sponsor the meeting, if applicable.
  18. Click the Hotels sub-tab and specify the recommended hotels for meeting attendees.
  19. Click the Resources sub-tab and specify the resources required for the meeting.
  20. To track the available space in the meeting using Aptify's Inventory Management system, click the Inventory tab and configure the inventory settings as necessary.
  21. Select the Accounting tab.
  22. If you want to specify a date in future for when revenue associated with this meeting should be recognized, enter a date in the Rev. Rec. Date field.
    • For example, an organization may want to defer all revenue recognition from meeting registration until the day of the meeting.
    • If you leave the Revenue Recognition Date field blank, revenue from a meeting registration will be recognized on the day the meeting order is marked as shipped.
    • Check with your accounting department for assistance, if necessary.

      Revenue Recognition Date Field
  23. Click the GL Accounts sub-tab and verify that the general ledger (GL) accounts listed are correct.
  24. Select the Pricing tab and enter Pricing information, as necessary.
  25. Save the meeting's Products record.
  26. Click the Meetings > Sessions sub-tab and create meeting sessions as necessary.

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