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Creating Housing Reservations

To record a housing reservation, create an Order that includes the Housing product as an order line, as described in Creating a Products Record for Housing. Then follow the steps below to edit the Housing Order Lines record to reserve rooms for guest:

  1. Open an Order form and fill in the appropriate information Ship To and Bill To information on the Customer tab.
    • This section provides only an overview of the order entry process. It is intended to focus on how ordering a housing product differs from ordering a basic product. See Entering Customer and Order Information for complete information on how to specify customer information on an order.

  2. In the Find Product field, enter the name of the Housing product.
  3. In the Quantity field, enter 1.

  4. Click Add to add an order line is added to the order.
    • If you are charging a service fee, the amount of the fee appears in the Price column; otherwise the Price column is set to 0.
      • The same order form can be used to create a Meetings registration and a Housing reservation. For example, the figure below shows an Order that includes a Meeting product (Organizational Annual Meeting 2006) and a related Housing product (Hotels for Organizational Meeting 2006). See Creating a Meeting Registration for information on creating meeting registrations.

    Adding a Housing -Product to an Order
  5. Double-click in the gray area to the far left of the housing order line to open its Order Lines record.
  6. Click the Housing tab.
  7. Enter the person making the reservation in the Person field.
  8. Enter the guest's first and last name in the Guest Name fields.

    Specifying Guest Information Specifying Guest -Information
  9. Configure the other fields on the Housing order line's General sub-tab, as necessary.
    • Status: By default, a guest's status is New for new reservations. You can select a different status from the drop-down menu if necessary.
    • Transfer Status: By default, the transfer status is Pending for new reservations. This is changed to Completed after the reservation's details are sent to the applicable hotel.
    • Smoking: Select the Smoking option if the guest would like a smoking room.
    • Handicapped: Select the Handicapped option if the guest would like a room designed for handicapped guests.
    • Bed Type: Select a type of bed. Available options are No Preference, King, Queen, and Double.
    • # Occupants: Enter the number of people who intend to occupy the room.
    • # Beds: Enter the number of beds requested for the room.
    • # Rollaway Beds: Enter the number of rollaway beds requested for the room.
    • Send Confirmation To: Select to whom the reservation confirmation should be sent. Available options are Guest, Reserver, and Both.
    • Hotel Conf. #: Leave this field blank. It will be filled in later after the hotel provides a confirmation number for the room reservation.

  10. If the guest has any special requests that need to be forwarded to the hotel, click the Special Requests tab and enter text in the field provided.
  11. Click the Comments tab and enter any additional comments concerning this reservation.
  12. Click OK to save and close the Housing Order Lines record.
  13. Add additional order lines for the same Housing product to create reservations for additional guests, as necessary.
    • Follow the same steps above to configure the Housing Order Lines record for any additional guests whose reservations are made on same order.

  14. Add an additional order lines for other products and configure their details as necessary.
  15. Continue processing the order as necessary.
    • See Taking Orders for details.
    • This includes Payment information, if applicable. Payment information is not necessary if the Order is for housing reservations only and the organization is not charging a service fee.

  16. Save the order.
  17. For each housing reservation, follow these steps to specify the specific rooms each guest is reserving: 
    • Review the current housing inventory levels for the housing product in the Housing Inventory Management dashboard to confirm that there are rooms available for the guest to reserve.
    • Double-click in the gray area to the far left of a housing order line to open its Order Lines record.
    • Click the Housing > Details tab.

    • Click the New icon in the toolbar to open a new Housing Reservation Details record.
      • The Housing Reservation Guest field fills in automatically with the ID of the order line's corresponding Housing Reservation Guests record.

    • Enter the Housing Block Room which this guest has requested in the field -provided.
      • Use the link box's Find dialog feature to search for a particular Housing Block Room based on criteria such as Housing Block, Hotel, Date, and Room Type.

    • Enter the number of rooms in the block that the guest wants to reserve in the # Rooms field.
    • Click the Options tab and specify any options or features (such as an early check-in) that the guest has requested that the hotel supply.
    • Save and close the record to return to the Housing Order Lines form's Details tab.

    • Create additional Housing Reservation Details records to reserve rooms on other nights of the same stay.
      • Each Housing Reservation Details record corresponds to one night in a particular hotel block for a particular room type. Therefore, if a guest is reserving three nights at a hotel, you must create three Housing Reservation Details records (one for each of the three nights requested).

        Reserving Rooms a Housing Block
    • Click OK to save and close the Housing Order Lines record and return to the order.

  18. If the order is complete, change the Order Status from Taken to Shipped (if the order did not ship automatically).
    • You do not necessarily need to change the Order Status to Shipped if the Order is for Housing products only and you are not charging a service fee. However, Aptify recommends that you ship all Housing orders for the sake of consistency.

  19. Save and Close the record.
    • Aptify automatically updates the number of rooms available and rooms reserved information in the Housing Inventory Management Dashboard based on the room reservations specified in the order.

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