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About Form Templates

Form Templates define how forms are displayed when a user logs in to Aptify and opens a new or existing record from a particular service. The appearance and order of fields and tabs on a form are defined by the template specified for the user. Templates may be global (shared by all users and groups who have permissions on a template) or may be specific to a group of end users or an individual end user.

All forms in Aptify fall into one of three categories:

  • Generated Forms: Entity forms that were created automatically by the Aptify Baseline Form Template Generator. The form template for the Cultures service is an example of generated Form Template.
  • Forms Created within Aptify: These forms are created by a developer using the Aptify system. In some cases, these forms begin as generated forms but are then modified as necessary to add additional functionality (such as a Topic Codes control) to a form. In other cases, a developer creates a blank template with tabs and uses the Visual Designer to place fields on the form. The form template for the Companies service is an example of a Form Template created in Aptify.
  • Viewer Forms: These are forms that are designed entirely by a developer within Visual Studio .NET. These forms specify a Viewer plug-in at the entity level. Entities that have a Viewer plug-in do not use the Form Templates service, and administrators cannot edit the form within Aptify. The form for the Archive Runs service is an example of a Viewer form.


See Adding Plug-Ins to an Entity for information on how to add a Viewer form to an entity. The steps required to write a Viewer plug-in are beyond the scope of this document.

Administrators and users can modify the form appearance for Generated and Modified Form Templates. A Viewer Form can only be modified in its source code. Therefore, this topic deals with Generated and Modified Forms only.

This topic covers the following sub-topics:

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