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Setting up a Campaign

Campaigns in Aptify track an organization's marketing efforts and integrate with the Order Entry system to provide automatic discounts when a customer/member places an order for products associated with a campaign. Each Campaign can include specified products and/or groups of products based on a product category. The types of discounts and levels of discounts, based on a customer's member type, can be modified for each product in the Campaigns record. Campaigns can also include prospect lists, enabling organizations to direct marketing efforts to specific persons and companies.

For an overview of how an organization might use Aptify's Campaign Management application, see How to Use Campaign Management.

This topic contains sub-topics that describe how to create a campaign in Aptify. Aptify offers two ways to set up campaigns, either through the Campaigns service or through the Campaign Setup wizard. This chapter also describes how to create a campaign type and add marketing information to the Campaigns record.

This topic provides information on working with Setting up Campaign in Aptify and contains the following sub-topics:

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